Obamacare – RFID Chip – HR 3962

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HR 3962 http://housedocs.house.gov/rules/health/111_ahcaa.pdf CISCO Federal health Care http://www.federalnewsradio.com/pdfs/cisco_federal_healthcare.pdf FDA…



  1. I refuse the flu shot n any other vaccine,not doing it..kiss my gritts!!

  2. The chip,is the mark,donor accept it.if you do n puss them off for any reason they can simply switch it off n snuff you out..

  3. Have you had a flu shot H1N1, vaccination, ???

  4. For the first time in my life I believe we MAY be heading toward the mark of the beast….I have been a huge doubter most of my life….but with a little research I have found that these chips can control bank accounts, medical records and even track people with GPS ….and that is eventually what they have planned…I can honestly say that I think the governments of the world will attempt to inject the world within the next 20 years…..it appears things are getting very close now

  5. Shiiiiit, Everyone get some blades ready, I got about 25 quality blades, and my 4 ghurkha kukris are nothing to joke about. One swipe and the fuckers won’t have a hand to pull any triggers with, and their gun and ammo becomes my gun and ammo just like that. Blades>Bullets!

  6. as far as funding for the RFID chip it is not a hoax but only time will tell if this man will chip us all. there really isn’t a time frame for this yet

  7. I’m sort of Confused on this topic. People are saying this is a Hoax? Did Obama Drop the bill, or Stop it? Everyone says this is a Hoax.
    Someone Inform me on this please

  8. yeah I know how you feel, I get sick doing some of this research I do then I have to take time away just get my mind right again. A lot is going on right now

  9. And for those saying that we need a revolution to avoid this, have you been following the gun laws around the world? Some previously legal guns are now banned in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. that I know of. Have you tried buying any ammo in the U.S. lately? You can’t, because the gov’t is buying it all as soon as it is manufactured.
    I think that they’ll take away all of our guns before implementing this chip, so that we won’t be able to fight it.

  10. This video made my stomache turn. I’ve believed for years that we are in the end of times, but to see it actually unfolding… It is extremely exciting seeing prophecy come to pass, but at the same time is very upsetting. There are many people that I love greatly who I fear won’t resist this to their death.

    Thank you for the awesome video. People need to learn about this and what it truely means. I know it takes a lot of time to make videos. Keep up the excellent work!

  11. I feel ya

  12. FOOD? lol i’m one step ahead of you! I already prepared…lol lol !!! Kakinyam!!!

  13. ur the only one that knows that the Jews changed Y’shua name to Jesus and changed his apearance to white..thats why i don’t read the Bible because if u changed His name its obvious they changed and added wording to the BIBle.

  14. RFID chip will kill u if u get out of line..its all set up to track and control ur actions.

  15. Get a grip on Jesus??? Pardon me while I do a mental back flip trying to figure out how to “get a grip” on fiction, as nice as that fiction may be to think about. I’m not interested in eternity either, as I won’t be around for that. I’m far more interested in survival of the coming economic collapse, ie, getting to eat! And I don’t think Jesus will be handing out loaves and fishes, so I’m going to have to feed myself. So you go pray while I work, and see which of us eats first! Get a grip man!

  16. LOL It SUCKS? A short life with Jesus is better than a long life on Earth and an eternity in Hell without Him… How are you? Do you know Jesus/Y’shua as Lord and Messiah of all? If not,I recommend that you get to know him..

  17. LOL,you don’t know that. There are Pre,Mid,Post Tribbers out there. And e1 is arguing that their version is correct. Stop thinking and focusing on the WHEN. Because if He does not come back in your timeframe,you are going to be disappointed and even some will lose heart and fall away. Instead,work. There is a lot of spiritual work to be done before that.

  18. go look up RFID’s in Kit-Kat candy bars. Im sure there are other examples,but i heard this one on an alternative news show recently

  19. get a grip on Jesus pal. Jesus IS the ONLY reality that is going to save your place in eternity. It’s not wacko. Real TRUE Christianity is so amazing. It is NOTHING like what these TV preachers and goofballs have perverted it into.. I am sorry if this religious perversion has been your only contact with Christianity.. :(

  20. Look up RFID chips in Kit-Kat candy bars.. 

  21. Because…Bob has trouble remembering all of his medications…

  22. All Brothers & Sisters WARNING: DO NOT FEAR YOUR OPPRESSORS WITH THIS MESS (RFID CHIP – MARK OF BEAST = 666), NEW WORLD ORDER. If U wanna go the HEAVEN, then don’t get this crap in your right hand.

  23. I do believe there might be truth in your musings. I remember thirty years ago hearing about just these kinds of things being spoken about. Then I was inclined to dismiss them as nuts. However, I think now they were on to some thing. God Help Us.

  24. Do you realize how many of your leaders are psychopathic? Check “Psychology of the Cultivated Society.” I can think of a few advantages to RFID chips but the one thing that cancels all of that good stuff out is that power corrupts; and add to that the large number of psychopaths in government and…well, I do not think we can trust giving them this opportunity to control us.

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